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According to official data, 80% of users get information through LINE's official account

That means your customer is ready to start a conversation!
But are you frustrated by:

  • Low respond rate

    Without a chatbot,
    it is hard to improve response rate.

  • Limited keyword tool

    Without variable trigger rules, keyword doesn’t work.

  • High block rate

    Without interaction,
    It is hard not to get blocked.

  • Lack of user list

    Without subscriber list,
    It is hard to identify consumer behavior.

  • Lack of tag feature

    Without tags, it is hard to set up a segmented broadcast.

CHATISFY A total solution for you


Boost your response rate with the help of bots. Leave 70% of repeated questions to bots, and save time for customers who needs real person service.

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Variable trigger condition (partial match, exact match, include) allows out bot to understand more context. Giving you more flexibility on your marketing campaign.

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Get to know your audience in-depth from user tags, scheduled sequences, filled forms. CHATISFY helps by depicting customer profile, allows you to target your potential customers.

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Target your broadcast more precisely with our multi-condition filter, including subscription, interactivity, purchase record and user tag. Optimize your broadcast conversion by personalization.

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Chat & Commerce

Start your online store on our chatbot.

  • STEP 1


    Identify demand,
    give out suggestions,
    communicate your brand in-depth.

  • STEP 2


    Full featured online store.
    Combination of conversation,
    and product catalogue.

  • STEP 3


    Offer promotions to attract
    your potential customers.

  • STEP 4

    Check Out

    Smooth checkout flow
    completed in inbox!

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Key Features

  • Analytics

    Use statistics such as activeness, retention, broadcast open rate, top buttons clicked to support your marketing strategies.

  • Shopping

    From browsing to checkout, customers complete the flow in single Messenger dialog box.

  • Broadcast

    Average open rate of 80% and CTR of 13%, outperform email 4-10 times.

  • 24/7 customer service

    Auto-reply 70% FAQs according to programmed response, available at all times.

  • Various Components

    Creat warm chat experience with every components we provide : text, pictures, audios, and videos.

  • Built-in Forms

    Get rid of google form! Convenient lead generation, collect user data with effortless ease.

  • Cross-platform

    Synchronize your Messenger and LINE BOT! Check how Messenger BOT works.

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20% of your customers represent 80%of your sales
Customer loyalty, the key to boost up your business.

Unlock your growth potential.

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