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User-friendly Interface

Simple to use, easy to learn.

  • Familiarity

    Similar to Facebook inbox.

  • Priority

    From read, unread, follow up to spam.

  • Convenience

    Quick search by name, messages and tags.

4 Strengths

optimize your social customer relationship management.


Integrate all conversations in your Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and LINE accounts into one page. Manage your chats with more efficiency.

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Assign conversation to designated staff to prevent overlap. Equipped with filter to improve efficiency. Remarks helps you keep track of the status, and keep every co-worker updated.

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Let the real person customer service take over when necessary. Communicate with your customer in a vivid way using pictures, audio, video, files and gifs.

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Customer Profile

Add tags anytime as you chat. Know your audience better, identify customer profile, personalized marketing can be easy.

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1 + 1 = Infinity

Try the combo of LIVE CHAT & BOT!

  • Dialog Filter

    Choose “real person messages only” allows you to focus on customer service. Filter out “broadcast” and “post-reply” save your inbox from drowning in bot messages Choose “auto-reply” helps you find out where most users leave bot conversations, and optimize your bot flow.

  • Auto-sync Tags

    Customer tags auto-sync in BOT and LIVE CHAT. Tags in chatbot shows in LIVE CHAT, helps real person to know customer preference. Tags created in LIVE CHAT also sync in BOT, making your targeted broadcast even more precise.

  • Chat & Covert

    Inventory auto-sync with CHATISFY BOT, allow you to display your products during chats. Customers can complete a order in the dialog. Track products, orders, customers together in one single tool.


Multi Channel Conversation Management

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