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As organic reach going low, ads budget goes high?

Grow social reach.
Build your audience.

Our bots allow you to create smooth and fun interactive experience for your customers. Build more audience with less ads cost.

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「More audience, less ads cost.」
Hard to find your target audience on Facebook?

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“ Personalized marketing effects my decisions” said by 86% customers. Our bots help you build precisely personalized marketing strategy with tag feature.

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「Identify your customer profile.」
Without constant engagement, how to keep your audience active?

Automized nurture and re-market.

Remind your subscribers by scheduled nurture sequences. Our bots lets you engage your audiences in a way email and landing pages can't.

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「Create high retention and build loyalty.」

Key Features

  • Analytics

    Use statistics such as activeness, retention, broadcast open rate, top buttons clicked to support your marketing strategies.

  • Shopping

    From browsing to checkout, customers complete the flow in single Messenger dialog box.

  • Broadcast

    Average open rate of 80% and CTR of 13%, outperform email 4-10 times.

  • 24/7 customer service

    Auto-reply 70% FAQs according to programmed response, available at all times.

  • Various Components

    Creat warm chat experience with every components we provide : text, pictures, audios, and videos.

  • Built-in Forms

    Get rid of google form! Convenient lead generation, collect user data with effortless ease.

  • Cross-platform

    Synchronize your Messenger and LINE BOT!Check how LINE BOT works.

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Customer Stories


With the combination of chatbot and augmented reality, VACANZA allows customers to try on their product before purchase, optimizes conversion rate and refund rate. Customers can try on the accessories, snap a photo and share it to a friend, increasing the organic reach with no cost on ads. From browsing, try-on to checkout, customers complete the flow in single Messenger dialog box. Augmented Reality & One-stop shopping speeds up customer decision, boost up sales!

  • World's FirstAccessories AR Chatbot 1 st
  • Share on Facebook 3671
  • Users WithinFirst Week 24 K.

Toucheng Leisure Farm

Drive online users to offline with the help of CHATISFY chatbot. Reach users on Facebook through post-reply campaign, drive users to Messanger to interact with our chatbot. Fully automated dialogflow allows Toucheng Leisure Farm to communicate with customers through a simple chatbot game. At the end of the game, chatbot send an free-photo coupon to attract users to redeem offline.

  • Organic reachimproved 212 %
  • Interaction rate raised 76 %
  • Redemption rateraised 95 %

Build your funnel by automating your Messenger
with a CHATISFY bot

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