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Easy live selling.

IG livelihood selling goods
Want to buy a fan heart +1?


DM automation.

Ig small box processing customer service message
I want to be more uninterrupted?


Various message formats.

Operating IG small box interaction
Want to make your message more beautiful?


Powerful brand exposure.

Diffusion activity playing limited tag
Do you want to save more time and effort?


Convert traffic into sales.

Ig stickers can not click
Want to sell the shopping guide?

IG BOT is your best
marketing partner.


Online live sales.

Fans commemons in live, robot automatic news
Specifying a purchase link to fans, the performance is doubled.

DM automation.

When the fans talk to you, the robot automatically responds to the message.
Let the service 24 hours uninterrupted, fans experience more.

DM with carousel and bottom.

Special private news broadcast icon, let the visual experience more Add points, consumption incentives. Click the button to guide the official website, fill in the form, Add the official account, download the app.


Auto-reply to story mentions

Fans are labeled in limited time dynamics, robots automatically Send private news, link, coupons, let you play big play Limited to enhance brand exposure.

Auto-reply to post comments.

For fans, the robot is automatically replied, Send a private message, connect to the fan, so that every post is Your traffic entry.

Use chatbots to make your
Instagram stand out.

You can play the test,
Interest, interactive two-phase win!

Psychological test, service consultation, knowledge question and answer,
Can be automatically performed through the button!

Want to play a lottery?
Use your experience to limit tags!

After the fans TAG brand, the form is automatically built.
Big play UGC is not worried!

See which surprise you will receive?

Fan message can be randomly received different surprises
Simple manufacturing topics, mystery!

ABCD four guess one,
Specific goods push a wave!

Different goods for fans answer,
Let the posts interact more more interesting!

Greater interaction, higher sales.

Greater interation.

Through immediate high interaction,
Let the post to get a higher exposure opportunity,
Marketing promotion is more powerful.

Better experience.

Renovation of round broadcast is rich in visual presentation,
Enhance the message experience, highlighting,
Let the fans are more willing to take action.

Higher sales.

The widespread access,
The first time she keeps business opportunities.
Effective reach a high conversion.

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